Green Tea Extract and Cervical Cancer

Just one of the many great ingredients in Papillex™, is high in polyphenols (catechins, anthocyanins, phenolic acids), has an excellent safety profile, and is associate with many health benefits ranging from cardioprotective to anti-carcinogenic properties.

A study of 51 patients showed a reduction of 69 percent of cervical dysplasia lesions/HPV in patients who received green tea extracts as either an ointment or capsule (Ahn WS et al 2003).

Another study in the British Journal of Dermatology using an ointment containing green tea catechins revealed its effectiveness and safety as a topical treatment for external and perianal genital warts (caused by the Human Papilloma Virus) (Br J Dermatol 2008).

The British Journal Of Dermatology [Br J Dermatol] 2008 Jun; Vol. 158 (6), pp. 1329-38.