Green Tea for HPV and genital warts?

--> Here's the scoop on the benefits of Green Tea for HPV highlighted by medical research:

The FDA approved a topical green tea cream comprised of catechins from green tea leaves to treat genital warts caused by strains 6 and 11. The efficacy and safety of this topical green tea extract was confirmed by a randomized trial on 397 adults with HPV genital warts. People who applied the treatment 3 times a day had complete clearance of warts in 16 weeks (Stockfleth 2008).

Another research group reviewed the effectiveness of green tea extracts in the form of ointment or capsules in treating patients with HPV infected cervical lesions aka cervical dysplasia. A group of 51 women with cervical lesions was divided into 4 groups and 39 patients were placed in an untreated control group. There was a 69% positive response rate in the treated with green tea extract compared to just a 10% response in the untreated placebo group! (Ahn et al 2003).

This promising research shows that green tea extract can serve as a worthwhile natural therapy for men and women with HPV associated cervical lesions (CIN) or genital warts.